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Sumy st. Troitskaya, 28 A
About Us

Medical center “Slav-Med” was founded in February 2019 and is located at Sumy, st. Troitskaya, 28 A. We have been successfully working in the medical market for 2 years. New directions are opening up in our medical center. An ophthalmological center was opened, and now a surgical center is also open. We purchased a new generation 2021 laparoscopic stand, which allows us to discharge patients after surgery the next day.

It’s no secret that health is the key to a beautiful and fulfilling life! After all, only a healthy person, a person who watches over his health, can enjoy life, enjoy in full measure everything that surrounds him, and even make our world a better place! And when the question of health arises, the question immediately arises of who can be entrusted with this treasure? Of course, specialists, doctors who are focused on only one result – recovery!

We will restore your health

In principle, we do not use and do not buy used equipment that has already worked out its resource abroad, and after that it is supplied to private clinics in Ukraine. Our center uses only new equipment, certified in Ukraine, which we purchased from the manufacturer specifically for our clinic and is advanced in its industry.

Especially for this purpose, a Medical Center was opened, in which only the best specialists from various fields of medicine work, who are absolutely mastering their professional skills and are ready to fight any of your ailments! The medical center is like Swiss banks, in which your health is assessed by us as the greatest value, is reliably protected and guarded, in other words, it is completely safe!

The specialists of our center are always ready to help their patients, answer all their questions, dispel fears, fears and myths regarding diseases, methods of diagnosis and treatment, and not only during an in-person consultation or examination.

The medical center is an ideal option for those who take care of their health, who value time and quality, clarity and reliability.

I would like to see the best surgeons in Sumy!
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