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Surgical neck lift (platysmaplasty)

Surgical lifting of the skin (platysmoplasty) may be vikonana after dekilkoh procedures are carried out, depending on the underlying problems:


The operation is carried out under severe pain and three times 1-2 years. With this surgeon, the platysma moves to a different position under the skin, and also, along the way, an excess of fatty deposits is seen in the subcutaneous region. Zayva (hanging) skin is seen. When vikonannі operation z braces shiї sutures are practically unremarkable.

Contraindications before platysmaplasty surgery:

– Blood diabetes
– Gostrі zapalnі protsesi shkіri
– Ignition processes (be it localization)
-COPD, disease of the cardiovascular system.
-Oncological disease

Result after operation
Establish the elasticity and tone of the skinny curvature of the neck, as well as correct the oval of the appearance, wear the wrinkle and folds, and pick up another edge.


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