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Laparoscopic operations in gynecology, operations on the uterine appendages

Laparoscopic operations are now used in gynecology to treat various female diseases and pathologies. This method of surgical intervention is in demand, first of all, for manipulating the uterine appendages, that is, the fallopian tubes and ovaries. The corresponding operations can be planned or emergency, affect only one of these organs or both at once.

Common laparoscopic operations on the uterine appendages include the following:

elimination of adhesions of the fallopian tubes (salpingolysis)
ovarian cyst removal
resection (partial removal) of the ovary


Laparoscopy is indicated for:

tubal pregnancy
the appearance of neoplasms in the ovaries
pyo- and hydrosalpinx (accumulation of pus and fluid in the fallopian tubes, respectively, impairing patency)
rupture of the ovary, etc.


Laparoscopic epididymis surgery involves inserting a camera and surgical instruments through small incisions in the abdominal cavity. The advantages of this technique include:

minimal trauma
lack of large seams
faster recovery than with abdominal surgery
the ability to simultaneously diagnose the state of the female reproductive system

The procedure is performed under full anesthesia. The total time spent is usually limited to 3 hours. After laparoscopy on the uterine appendages, the patient remains in the hospital for at least a day under the supervision of the medical staff of the Slav-Med clinic.


As a rule, the next day after laparoscopy (and sometimes on the day of surgery), gynecologists recommend that patients get up and move a little to stimulate blood circulation. In the early days, you should adhere to a special diet, and within 1-3 weeks – limit physical activity.

The period of sexual abstinence depends on the purpose of the surgical intervention and is determined by the attending physician of our clinic on an individual basis. For example, in the case of the removal of adhesions, the early onset of sexual life contributes to the successful conception of a child.

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