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Ovarian cyst laparoscopy

Laparoscopy is an alternative to abdominal surgery to remove ovarian cysts, which is increasingly used in gynecological practice. This procedure assumes gentle surgery, minimal blood loss and a short overall duration (about 30 minutes). Laparoscopy is an alternative to abdominal surgery.


It is recommended to remove an ovarian cyst in the following cases:

the size of the neoplasm is actively increasing
the likelihood of rupture of the cyst increases
there was a deformation of the ovary
there is a risk of becoming a malignant neoplasm

The essence of laparoscopy is reduced to the introduction of a special instrument to remove the cyst through several small incisions. The use of an endoscope allows you to control the process and visually monitor the area in which manipulations are carried out. During the operation, intravenous or inhalation anesthesia is used.


Before a planned operation to remove a cyst in the Slav-Med clinic, it is necessary to pass tests and smears, as well as undergo the following clinical studies:


If there are chronic diseases, then it is necessary to obtain a conclusion from the attending physician that the introduction of anesthesia will not harm the patient. In rare cases, CT or MRI is additionally performed to check the structure of the ovarian cyst, its overall size and connection with nearby organs.

A light diet is prescribed a couple of days before laparoscopy.

The recovery process after the operation usually takes place within 2-5 days. The very next day after laparoscopy, a woman needs at least a short walk to activate blood circulation. After discharge, the patient receives a set of recommendations from the doctor, the basic ones of which include:

processing of incision sites
refusal of baths, swimming in pools or ponds for 30 days
abstaining from sex for a month
limiting physical activity and a ban on lifting weights

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