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Varicocele Treatment – Laparoscopic Varicocelectomy

Abnormal enlargement of the veins in the spermatic cord and testicle is called varicocele. Usually, the disease is detected in children and adolescents 12-14 years old. It is noticeable that the localization is predominantly left-sided. As a rule, varicocele does not manifest itself in any way and is detected during a routine examination.
But this is where the danger lies – late treatment for varicocele!
With varicose veins of the testicles, inflammation develops, which can lead to further infertility. Therefore, varicocele should be treated as early as possible.

The causes of varicocele

The main reason for the development of varicose veins is an increase in venous pressure. It provokes stretching and plexus of blood vessels. As a result, blood flow is disturbed, blood accumulates in the testicle, and the temperature rises. This leads to a decrease in sperm production, impotence and subsequently infertility.
The development of the disease is also possible in older patients. Usually, varicocele is observed against the background of the appearance of tumors, mainly in the kidneys due to a violation of blood flow.
Do not forget about heredity. Since there is often a predisposition to weakness of the walls of the venous vessels. This is evidenced by venous varicose veins and heart failure in family members.

The main reasons for the development of varicocele are:

high blood pressure in the scrotum and abdomen, which can be triggered by constipation or prolonged physical activity;

Symptoms of the disease

There are four stages of the development of the disease.

Stage I. The ailment is detected by a doctor during a routine examination, since there are no external manifestations or any symptoms.
ІІ stage. There are pulling pains in the groin and scrotum during physical exertion. The changed veins can be felt while standing.
ІІІ stage. The scrotum enlarges, sags or deforms, changes in the veins of the testis and spermatic cord are noticeable.
IV stage. Constant aching pains, the testicle decreases in size, its density is reduced, the deformation of the scrotum continues.

Diagnosis of varicocele

The difficulty of diagnosing varicocele in the early stages is associated with the asymptomatic course of the disease. After an appointment with a urologist, it is necessary to perform an ultrasound examination of the scrotum and a spermogram.

Surgical treatment of varicocele

The Center for Progressive Medicine “AVICENNA MED” uses Laparoscopic varicocelectomy – laparoscopic ligation of the testicular vein. This surgery is an effective treatment for varicocele.
Scope of surgery: intraperitoneal ligation of the testicular vein.
The essence of the laparoscopic treatment of varicocele is accurate access to the changed vein and its ligation or clipping, that is, overlapping with a polymer clamp. The blocked vein collapses and becomes empty, and healthy vessels provide blood flow to the testicle.
The operation is performed using small incisions, which leads to low trauma, reduces risks during the operation and shortens the duration of the recovery period.

Specialization Urology
Anesthesia General anesthesia
Duration of surgery 30-90 minutes
Clinic stay 1-2 days
  • after laparoscopic removal of varicocele, there are no cosmetic defects, since the incisions are minimal and hidden in the natural folds of the skin;
  • low risk of postoperative complications;
  • the patient is recovering as soon as possible;
  • the result is noticeable immediately (the scrotum takes on a natural look);
  • and most importantly, after it there is no relapse of the disease.


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