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Myomectomy (removal of fibromatous nodes), laparoscopic method

Myomectomy is a type of surgical treatment for uterine fibroids, involving the removal of fibromatous nodes. In this case, it is possible to preserve the organ, and with it the reproductive function of the woman. This type of operation is performed by the laparoscopic and laparotomy method and refers to sparing (conservative) procedures.


The reason for such a surgical intervention is the presence of a benign tumor of the uterus – myoma. The removal of fibromatous nodes of the uterus is shown exclusively for women of childbearing age. Otherwise, as a rule, it is advisable not to save the uterus, but to remove it and the appendages. Other indications include:

the absence of children in a woman and the desire to have them (it is possible to plan a pregnancy after a conservative myomectomy after 4-6 months, it proceeds normally, including with independent childbirth)
the characteristic type and location of fibromatous nodes. Myomectomy is good for small nodes on the pedicle, which are rather small in size, located on the outer surfaces of the uterus or inside it


Myomectomy at the Slav Med clinic is performed using laparotomy or laparoscopy. In laparoscopy, several small, small-diameter incisions are made, and a camera is inserted through them for visual inspection of the instruments. This method is the most effective, as it minimizes rehabilitation after surgery and the risk of complications, but not in all cases, removal of fibromatous nodes of the uterus is possible using laparoscopy.


After the operation, as a rule, on the second day, minimum physical activity is recommended to activate blood circulation in the pelvic organs. The hospital stay lasts up to three days, the patient is prescribed antibacterial and analgesic drugs.

The first time after the operation, you need to be careful with water procedures, instead of bathing you need to take a breath, refrain from going to the pool, to the beach, to the sauna. Return to sexual activity is possible within a month, and pregnancy planning – after 4-6 months.

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