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Umbilical hernia

In the Medical Center “Slav-Med” in Sumy, open and laparoscopic operations are performed for the removal of an umbilical hernia of varying degrees of complexity.

An umbilical hernia is a protrusion of the abdominal organs through the umbilical ring located in the “central” section of the anterior abdominal wall, the contents of which may be: the greater omentum, the loop of the small intestine, and the mobile sections of the large intestine.

The only method of radical treatment is surgery.

Surgery for the treatment of an umbilical hernia can be performed:

– open method or
– laparoscopically.

Umbilical hernia laparoscopy:

performed only under general anesthesia due to the need to create a carbperitoneum;
access through 3 punctures in the skin with a diameter of up to 10 mm;
the mesh endoprosthesis is placed SubLay (in the preperitoneal tissue) or on the peritoneum (if there is a non-adhesive surface on the mesh);
while maintaining the integrity of the anterior abdominal wall;
pain syndrome 1-2 days;
healing of the skin 5-7 days;
limiting physical activity for 2 weeks.

Open surgery for the removal of an umbilical hernia:

performed under regional or general anesthesia, depending on the size and content;
skin incision from 10 to 15 cm
The mesh endoprosthesis is placed InLay (between the sheets of the rectus abdominis muscle, under the muscle). The mesh material has the property of minimal reactivity of the human body during application, and also retains these properties for the entire period of clinical use after implantation;
in this case, it is necessary to open the rectus abdominis muscle;
pain syndrome for about 7 days;
healing of the skin 7-10 days.

Causes of an umbilical hernia:

An umbilical hernia is caused by excessive intra-abdominal pressure caused by:

– pregnancy,
– frequent constipation,
– physical activity,
– overeating,
– overweight.

Formidable complications of an umbilical hernia are:

infringement of the contents of the hernial sac (with its further necrotization),
inflammation of the hernial sac (with the further development of phlegmon of the anterior abdominal wall),
violation of the passage (movement) of feces through the intestines.

What should not be done after umbilical hernia surgery?

After the operation, it is necessary to limit physical activity for 2 months.
Of course, laparoscopic surgery for the removal of an umbilical hernia is more gentle for the body and has a good cosmetic effect compared to open surgery.

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