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Disconnection of pelvic adhesions

Pelvic adhesions are a serious gynecological disease that can cause pain and malfunction of internal organs. If you suspect an adhesive process, you should immediately contact a specialist in order to save yourself from serious problems in the future.

The specialists of the Slav Med clinic guarantee their patients high-precision diagnostics and effective removal of adhesions in the small pelvis.

Features of the treatment and removal of adhesions in the small pelvis

Treatment of adhesions is prescribed based on the results of a medical examination. For diagnostics, ultrasound, PCR diagnostics, smears for flora, MRI or laparoscopy are used.

Basically, the treatment of adhesive disease is carried out in a conservative way, using various therapeutic methods. If the basis of the disease is a urogenital infection, a complex of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drugs is prescribed. If the cause of the adhesions is endometriosis, hormonal drugs are added. Magnetic laser therapy (physiotherapy) is used to reduce the level of drug aggression, increase immunity, and activate nonspecific resistance.

If conservative treatment fails, surgical removal of adhesions in the pelvis is indicated. Separation of the walls of organs and adhesive formations is performed using minimally invasive laparoscopy. After the operation, the surgeon covers the walls of the organs with a special solution that prevents the re-formation of adhesions.

Removal of adhesions in the small pelvis is successfully carried out within the walls of our clinic. Painful sensations disappear, the functions of the reproductive system are restored. The sooner you see your doctor, the more effective the treatment will be. Do not postpone your visit to specialists! Specify prices by phone indicated on the website.

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