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Removal of appendages

Adnexectomy is a gynecological surgery aimed at removing the appendages of the uterus (ovaries and fallopian tubes). The operation is performed strictly according to the indications in order to remove the source of pathology. The procedure can be performed both in a planned and emergency manner.

Indications and contraindications

Removal of uterine appendages is performed according to the following medical indications:

purulent inflammation;
tissue necrosis;
ovarian cancer;
benign neoplasm that cannot be removed separately;
endometrioid cyst;
tuberculous lesion;
ectopic pregnancy.

As for contraindications, there are no absolute contraindications in case of danger to life. In the case of a planned operation, the intervention is not performed in case of coagulation disorders, severe diseases of the internal organs, as well as if the patient is exhausted.

In addition, it should be remembered that adnexectomy reduces the likelihood of pregnancy, and when both ovaries are removed, it is impossible to get pregnant in the traditional way.

Preparation for surgery

After making a correct diagnosis, preparation for surgery begins. Before the intervention, the patient must undergo standard preoperative examinations, including:

blood tests (determination of blood group, general and biochemical tests, coagulogram, tests for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C);
general urine analysis;
consultation with an anesthesiologist.

After receiving the test results, the attending physician decides on the possibility of surgery, and then sets a date for the procedure.

The patient will need to have an enema before the procedure. The last meal is allowed no later than 8 hours before surgery.

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